My name is Trung Nguyen. I’m currently a senior college student at Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas, majoring in Information System with Supply Chain minor. With this Information System degree, I am confident to design a system to keep track and update database, connecting the apps together to create more streamlining workplace. Also, Supply Chain blends perfectly well with my main major, which allows me to understand Inventory/Production/Manufacturing/Logistics Management System so that I can understand how to design/implement an effective system for business’ needs.

I tried to cover my monthly expenses by having a part-time job at Campus Card Office in the school, without knowing that I could learn a lot form this. Having this small office job allows me to know better about workplace environment, customer service, and handling projects from the office to all areas on campus. When I applied for this job,  I told my future bosses that I have some technical skills, so they allowed me to troubleshoot all equipment in the office, including the Motorola Mc70 handheld readers, FARGO and ZEBRA ID card printers, computers, and printers. Later on, they trained me to work on all NCR point-of-sale cash registers around campus.

Besides learning at school, I am the president of CEO Global at the University of Arkansas, a student-leading club to host guest speaker and mentoring events focused on improving leadership skills, teamwork, and emotional quotient. As one of the first persons who decide to join and open first chapter of CEO Global at the U of A, my role is to help other officers deliver meaningful events to students for development of Servant Leaders of Integrity.

Also, I am an active volunteer member in Free Geek Arkansas (http://www.freegeekarkansas.org/) to improve hands-on technical experience, teach other people how to use Linux OS (Ubuntu 12.04 -> 16.04 LTS), recycle/troubleshoot/re-sale old computers/printers/networking equipment.

When I’m not on the work, I love jogging, working my way through recipe for new food from different countries, reading manga, watching anime, listening music, and indulging my love for seeing new places.

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